Ricky Pigott


Ricky Pigott coached at CYFA for 10+ years. He began at the flag level when his oldest son, Stephen, was just starting to play. He then went on to coach his two other sons, Ryan and Tyler, for at least one year each. He coached a variety of competitive levels throughout his time with CYFA. In fact, He was the offensive coordinator for the 2002 Pop Warner National Championship team. His unique offense was a key reason the team won the National Championship title. Coaches here at CYFA to this day still use its techniques. Ricky was a dedicated and respected coach at the organization. He was constantly arranging rides for players or giving them rides himself, teaching lessons about the game and in life, and setting a positive example for all around him. Ricky was a role model for Cape Youth players on and off the field. Cape Youth Storms will always have a place in our hearts for him.

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