CYFA has been established for twenty-seven (27) years and celebrating our anniversary along with participating with Pop Warner Football. Pop Warner offers a set of National Rules for football/spirit with an age and weight matrix which helps ensure the safety and well being of the children participating in contact football. CYFA prides itself on providing a youth football/spirit program with fundamentals of the sport, team work, and life-long lessons which will help mold our future youth.



Our program is part of the Peace River Conference with other associations from Naples to Bradenton. Our organization is run by volunteers and we welcome any/all families willing to give their time to our program. We are proud of the quality program we have provided for our participants and their families.Our commitment is to improve everything we offer and to do so is always an ongoing challenge. We rely heavily on each family’s support in this effort.


The weather system will detect lightning up to ten miles away, and alert the public using sound (horn) and strobe lights. If lightning is detected, the horn will sound a continuous blast for 15 seconds, advising the public to seek shelter. All participants will go straight to their assigned locker rooms with their coaches. If lightning is in the specific area, the strobe light will begin flashing. Once the lightning has cleared and it is safe to resume outdoor activities, the horn will sound three, short, five-second blasts. The participants will return to their practice.

There is a light located on top of our main building indicating weather delays. If the light is OFF, there is no inclement weather in the area. If the light is YELLOW, there is lightning in the area and please seek shelter. If this light is on yellow as your arrive to the field, PLEASE STAY IN YOUR CAR. Do not go home, you will need to wait until the all clear is given to start practice and take the field. If this light is RED, GO HOME. If the participants are in their locker rooms and the light is red, a PARENT has to go to the locker room and get their child as no child will be allowed to leave the locker room by themselves. Refer to the following link for the lightning countdown meter: CLICK HERE